Welcome to Splendid Spoonfuls. I’m Meaghan and I want to thank you for stopping by! My goal with this blog is to document recipes I love and to become inspired to create and share with a community of fellow food lovers.

My passion for food started when I was a young girl watching my Mom and Grandma in the kitchen. It is from these two women where my curiosity for simple satisfying food was born. Baking has always been my favourite activity in the kitchen, but as I have gotten older I have come to realize one cannot live on cupcakes and cookies alone. So while I still have a love for sweet treats, I have begun to develop a collection of staple recipes for the everyday.

You can be sure that all of my recipes are peanut free and many will also be gluten free, dairy free or both. Out of necessity, I have learned how to alter some recipes to exclude these ingredients due to allergies that myself and members of my family have. I hope you enjoy a wander through the blog and become inspired to create something for the ones you love in your own kitchen.



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Meaghan Barnard Splendid Spoonfuls