Chocolate Coated Mummies

Chocolate Coated Bananas

For me October has always meant pumpkins, cozy sweaters, and crisp air. It’s a time to gear up for the chilly months ahead and relish in the cooler weather after all of the slow summer afternoons and before the deep freeze of winter sets in. However, this year I’m somewhere a little different: I’m in sunny Queensland, Australia. Halloween isn’t such a big thing here like it is for us in Canada. Though while it’s not as common for kids to go trick or treating or for everyone to get dressed up in costumes I still felt the need to do something festive for the spooky holiday.

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Banana Oat Muffins (GF)

Banana Oat Muffins

Thanks for stopping by for my very first post! I hope to share all kinds of recipes that are for everyday life. Some recipes will be gluten free and/or dairy free but ALL of them will be peanut free! The gluten free and dairy free recipes will either naturally omit these ingredients or will use whole food substitutes to make these recipes something more people can enjoy!

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